Business partner research

More and more foreign companies decide to include Italy in their business area. Our market, made up of more than 50 million consumers, is an interesting pool for many industries, from cosmetics to food, from textiles to sports equipment. In order avoid making mistakes and to prepare for every single move, it is important to establish business relationships with suppliers, consultants, technicians, representatives and other professionals. Looking for new business partners becomes a compulsory step to achieve the desired goals and maximize profits. Thanks to my services, your company will be supported in the preliminary analysis and during all the operations preceding and following the entry into the Italian market.

Thus far, WholExport has been chosen by dozens of companies to export their products and services to Italy. Chinese, American, Swiss, English, French, Polish, Slovene, Spanish, German, Indian companies... the experience gained over the years together with a perfect mastery of English, French and Spanish languages becomes the basis to turn opportunities into real benefits and the goals are achieved with complete flexibility in managing both small and large projects. In addition to this, we rely on the availability of a database including many companies ready to offer high-quality know-how and manpower. From time to time, it will be possible to evaluate the best partner depending on business requirements, geo-targeting and other specified needs.


Companies looking for business opportunities in Italy and needing valuable employees to achieve results up to their expectations can rely on WholExport and my direct support, even remotely via Skype or phone. A simple email is enough to organize your partner research project and schedule temporary export management jobs. I am also available to trainnew recruitson tasks related to temporary export activities, even at trade fairs or during international events. For more information, feel free to contact me without obligation by email or phone: I will be happy to answer any of your doubts with the professionalism that has always distinguished me!