Caso 1: Natural products company

Caso 2: Cosmetics company
2 October 2017


Business Sector: Natural Products

Strategy: Marketing, Product Analysis, Promotional Strategies and Customer Search

There are many companies which have entrusted our valuable advice to expand their horizons and find solutions to the problems their market was posing. Collaborating with WholExport means finding new solutions and new growth opportunities.


Giving support to a company operatingin the market since the 1970s: more than 40 years of experience in the research and development of natural products; about 30 employees and a dedicatedin-houseback office resource; based in Bergamo and with a nationwide presence in the pharmacy and herbal medicine industry. Being present on the foreign markets in more than 15 countries, the client has decided to rely on us to develop a new international marketing strategy.


Defining a marketing strategy and an international business plan, along with an existing customer monitoring and support service, with a customer dedicated forecast and a strategic discount strategyaimed at foreign markets. Current client portfolio management and new clientresearch. Fidelity program developmentand growth strategies for current client portfolio. First company check-up, with market and competitor analysis in Italy and abroad. Creation of a new catalog, website and social network. Development of technical data sheet, leaflets, brochures, folders to support product sales. Analysis and re-elaboration of price lists and discounts for foreign distribution channels. Search for new foreign partners in the Pharmacy segment in European countries. Participation in trade shows.


Thus far, the client portfolio has grown by 10% thanks to existing monitoring and client development activities. Two new distributors have been acquired: Greece and Iraq, which added + 5% growth in foreign markets.