Caso 2: Cosmetics company

Caso 1: Natural products company
31 July 2017
Case 3: Construction Industry Company
2 October 2017


Business Sector: Cosmetics

Strategy: Marketing, Product Analysis, Promotional Strategies and Customer Search

There are many companies which have entrusted our valuable advice to expand their horizons and find solutions to the problems their market was posing. Collaborating with WholExport means finding new solutions and new growth opportunities.


Long-standing company in hair care industry, aimed at industry professionals. Solid foreign presence in important European and extra European markets. Absence of a corporate structure and lack of a dedicated back office


Planning and defining a strategy to tackle Spanish and French markets. First company check-up of already existing client portfolio, analysis of Italian competitors in France and Spain. Analysis and pricing strategy for Spain and product localization to adapt it to the French market. First strategic development of marketing media such as catalogs, website and promotional material, based on the industry’s needs. First entry analysis for the French market with brand adaptation and sector-specific certifications.


Scouting and prospect development activities over the years passed on the French market. Custom database creation for France and Spain. Acquired a major distributor in France. Now developing two new prospects in Paris area and evaluating the possibility to take part in a trade fair in Paris in 2018.