My experiences at your service

During my training and professional career I focused on the analysis of the international market and its mechanisms. Since the university, I was given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, thanks to a course in intercultural communication and a following stay abroad - first in India for two months and then in the United States for three years - thus achieving a sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills in human resource management, sales strategy development, support for import/export activities and in many other business areas.

For the past 20 years I have worked on large and small projects on behalf of companies of all sizes. From agro-food to cosmetics, from fashion to textiles, I have carried out short and long term assignments aimed at solving various problems and issues. Temporary export management, analysis and planning, problem solving, contacts with foreign suppliers, nationwide partner research, marketing and communication, product promotion ... A set of services carried out in full respect of client’s needs in terms of flexibility, deadlines and budget.


When you are different the whole world is different. It is not a question of creating a different world. It is only a question of creating a different you-


My mission

I help companiesexpanding their business and going global, enhancing the services they are interested in, developing new operating areas, activating collaborations with external partners, supervising new recruits in their training process. In Italy or abroad, my mission is to satisfy clients with tailor-made professional services.

My vision

Every time I start working with a company, regardless of the industry, I opt for the so-called “win-win” philosophy. With me at your service, there are neither winners nor losers: goals are achieved thanks to the efforts of the whole team, from the managers to the interns. Participating in a project means believing in a shared goal and marching together in the same direction to get it.

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