Marketing and communication

In a temporary export management project, marketing and communication plays a key role. Without an appropriate promotional strategy, it is impossible to get the expected sales results. Investing in communication means giving more value to the product or services offered.An essential point, especially when approaching a foreign market with different rules, dynamics and language. What works in Italy may not be appreciated in China, unless you build a winning and persuasive marketing strategy that fits targets and wishes. In such a context, a good website, whose showcase function allows you to keep the spotlight on a certain product or service 24/7/365, can still make the difference.

Nowadays websites are also powerful tools to sell online directly: in fact, thanks to ecommerce anyone can buy a pair of shoes, a bottle of wine or whatever they are looking for - regardless of the country - with a simple click of the mouse. To create an even stronger online presence, it is important to consider digital communication with due advance. Social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube - as well as other social networks in vogue in other continents but unknown here - contribute to the creation of a strong and credible brand identity. As well as for websites, blogs, or ecommerce solutions, the choice of the most suitable social network will depend on your business field, target audience, and other variables to be considered one by one in the strategic audit phase.


Thanks to the experience gained during my experience as a specialist in temporary export management, I have obtained the skills needed to support companies in developing and strengthening marketing and communication from Italy to abroad. From the creation of multilingual websites to social media updating, from brochure creation to press releases, from SEO-friendly news editing to website translations, I providemyclients with know-how and high quality technologies, so to express the real potential of their business and let them deal with billions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. Contact me now!