Temporary Export Manager

Temporary Export Manager (TEM) consultancy is the beating heart of my business services. In these years, the Italian companies that have chosen to expand their business abroad relying on my services have found the right professionalism that provided them with the support they needed to achieve the awaited results. For WholExport, “Temporary Export Management” means managing the many processes involved in the internationalization of business, both in neighboring countries - such as Switzerland - as well as in distant continents - such as South America. Preliminary Strategic Audit, Marketing & Communication, Problem Solving, Business Partner Search... and Tutoring, that is, supporting the new recruits placed in the company with the goal of managing TEM tasks.

In particular, Temporary Export Manager's services are divided on different levels, depending on the reference market, the initial situation, the critical issues, the staff preparation, the intrinsic difficulties of the project and any other variable to be taken into account. For example, the typical activities of a temporary export management plan include the selection of the most suitable channels to promote a brand, on-site organization of trade shows and events, translating text and managing written communication in English, French or Spanish, accompanying a manager or a group of representatives abroad, preparing meeting with suppliers and investors, and much more. Everything, as always, in full respect of budget, deadlines and client’s needs.


The advantage of relying onWholExport for internationalization consulting services does not end with our guaranteed professionalstandards. We offer on-site surveys without any commitment in the province of Bergamo and in the rest of Italy, with the possibility to keep on developing the project even at a distance thanks to Skype, telephone and web tools. Not only: we offer free quotes for short and long term collaboration projects, demonstrating market competitiveness in our client's sole interest. If you are looking for a high-quality partner to develop and improve your export activities; if you want to help expand your sales network in the United States, or for any other need involving our Temporary Export Management services, all you need to do is sending me an email or giving me a call. Take action!