Strategic Audit

Internationalization of companies is a task that requires advanced tools and know-how. But regardless of what is done to focus on one’s goals, the quality of the final result is always based on careful planning of investments and actions. If you do not know in advance the reference market –taste and habits of the target audience, expectations, competitors, and other variables in play – you’ll have to make several attempts, with inevitable waste of time and resources.The risk then is losing the only opportunity you have to expand your business abroad and increase revenue. Conversely, if the situation - including the potentiality of the operation as a whole - is defined from the beginning, chances to success will increase accordingly.

That is why it is so important to start a temporary export management project from a preliminary strategic audit. This first step, tackled with tested methods and procedures, plays a pivotal role for the next step to be taken, that is to say, developing and realizing the planned activities mentioned above. The results will be much more effective than doing it without audit. The whole company will be able to benefit from it, thanks to a better management of staff, budget, roles involved and of any other useful resource. The report produced – as well as spotting company's criticalities on a global scale - will show the solutions to be put in place to maximize sales effectiveness, word of mouth and feedback on the exported products and services.


Relying on WholExport to tackle internationalization means relying on the collaboration of a qualified and prepared manager able to follow the company in every aspect, from problem solving to tutoring. Among my services, strategic audit plays a key role, a starting point to for a fruitful collaboration alongside the company. Research - led in first person thanks to the latest generation of software - is in any case an essential step to be taken in any project, both in its singularity as well as in an export-oriented context, in Europe or other continents. Ask for personalized consultancy now!