Among the services offered by WholExport, tutoring to staff plays an essential role: in fact, it is through training that a new recruit has the opportunity to learn the tasks needed to manage an internationalization project. Without proper tutoring, the person to whom important responsibilitiesare assigned will run the risk of making heavy mistakes, with serious consequences in terms of budget and target fulfillment. Conversely, a figure more or less experienced, when accompanied by a specialized tutor, will be able to focus on achieving business goals faster and with higher profit margins. This is my ultimate goal as tutoring staff.

I have always carried out my work according to the “win-win” philosophy, so my presence is always subordinate to the achievement of the goals set. When I am entrusted with an assignment I do not - in any case - place myself as a leader, but as a gear of the corporate mechanism, aware of the delicate balance within a close team. The staff member (or members) to train will be followed from every point of view, including business partner search, relationships with dealers, data analysis, website management, and more. A turnkey service to ensure the most suitable training to your new recruits!


Tutoring services are available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. This ensures a proper training for any non-native speaker staff member operating in foreign offices as well as for third-party professionals having to carry out business activitiesabroad. In this case, it would be advisable to undertake remote training via Skype, phone or email: the ideal way to control your work while optimizing your expenses. From now on tutoring has a new ally: just ask for a custom consultancy and find out how I can help your company invest less and better. Together, we will expand your business in Europe, America and throughout the word. Feel free to contact me for a free quote!