Problem Solving

Solving problems and unforeseen events in a company’s internationalization process is the main goal of many problem-solving oriented services. With this generic term we point out the activities needed to deal with the problematic issues and achieve the hoped-for results without wasting time or resources. Being supported by an expert in temporary export management is what makes the difference.A temporary export manager is the only person able to recognize criticalities right away and act accordingly. The experience gained abroad - first in India and then in the United States - combined with years of consulting in the most diverse sectors - has led me to achieve a deep knowledge of problem solving dynamics, both in Italy and other EU contexts as wellas in extra-EU environment.

Thanks to the perfect mastery of English, French and Spanish, I can deal with suppliers, partners and foreign customers, both in spoken and written communication. I am also available to follow the development of websites and digital marketing, providing targeted assistance in order to keepthe client’s social media up to date, or organize multilingual advertising campaigns. The importance of mediation and problem solving with partners must not be underestimated: there are certain bureaucratic and legal requirements that can only be met through the intervention of independent professionals. My job consistsin finding these professionals, contact them and supervise the work to get what the client needs.


When it comes to problem solving, efficiency and transparency are two essential requirements. The client must receive prompt responses without exceeding deadlines and have control over the situation from the beginning to the end. For this reason it is crucial to let facts do the talking: facts made of measurable performance and effects over a given period of time. In this regard, producingdetailed reports, based on facts and figures, is a valuable contribution to verify what has been done and how the situation has improved from the starting point. Hereat WholExportonly turnover and the goal to be achieved with the company count. Try me: feel free tosend me an email to get more information!