Case 3: Construction Industry Company

Caso 2: Cosmetics company
2 October 2017


Business Sector: Construction

Strategy: Marketing, Product Analysis, Promotional Strategies and Customer Search

There are many companies which have entrusted our valuable advice to expand their horizons and find solutions to the problems their market was posing. Collaborating with WholExport means finding new solutions and new growth opportunities.


Long-standing company in the building industry. Solid foreign presence in important European and extra European markets. Products sought after: hydroelectric valves for plants, extrusion machinery, etc.


Search for Italian suppliers on behalf ofa large building group located in Central America. Italian suppliers’ fidelity program, support in negotiations and definition of the purchase offer. International transaction management activities, sales monitoring -from bidding to order delivery and shipping support.


Structuring of new international commercial networks and local partnership with close companies. Growth of the import and export, structuring and setting of unexplored marketplaces and new opportunities forour customer. Setting of the whole production chain with the supply of the product in the countries in which the business has been introduced and absorbed.